“They dare to be different. Davina zips to near impossible heights in a divine declaration of romance”
-Downbeat Magazine

“Davina Sowers’ classically trained right fingers shimmy down the piano keys and meet up with an insistent boogie-woogie bass. Then she reveals her other musical talent: a sassy, salty, sweet voice that’s childlike at the top, husky at the bottom.”

“Sowers’ vocals are unreal. She simultaneously evokes Adele and Bessie Smith, and the band’s sound is vintagey and fresh, a modern take on old-time blues and jazz.”


“Think of a meld of Bessie Smith, Etta James, Alberta Adams and Amy Winehouse, and you come close to understanding what Davina Sowers is all about…Davina is a real talent who deserves greater exposure – and I have no option but to highly recommend this band.”
 -Blues In Britain (UK)

“The truly timeless beauty of this remarkable album puts it on a pinnacle, unrivaled and unique, a portion of cultural caviar. Stand aside, Duffy et al, here comes homage Herculean in its faith-full Monty. And yeah, I like it.” -Nick Toczek, Rock’N’Reel Magazine (UK)”The up-and-coming blues mama and leader of hard-touring Davina & the Vagabonds lights up the night every time she lends her ample pipes and open heart.”
- Star Tribune  MPLS MN / Jim Walsh

“Davina is a modern day, female version, of Louis Armstrong.”


“Two things distinguish this fine band, the first being leader Davina Sowers’ big, nostalgic soul voice, something between Etta James and Madeleine Peyroux. The other is the band’s crisp, clean sound, just piano, upright bass, trombone, trumpet and drums. No clutter”
- The Billings Gazette/ Billings MT



“…First was Twin Cities singer-pianist Davina Sowers, who sounds like the daughter of Leon Redbone and Betty Boop trained on piano by Randy Newman. Backed by an upright bassist and trombonist, Sowers delighted with some sassy originals and sly covers of Billie Holiday, Fats Domino and “Has Anybody Seen My Gal.” Her slurring, Southern voice (she moved here from Key West, Fla., in 2005) sounded affected and alluring at the same time.”
-JON BREAM, Star Tribune/Mpls MN (Opening for Pinetop Perkins)


“At first listen to Davina and the Vagabonds, you imagine the tones escaping from a 300-pound blues musician. It seems unlikely that much power is coming from the slight frame of one Ms. Davina. It sounds like an unnatural force, pulled from some secret spot in the belly no other singer has yet discovered. It’s a low bellow, most closely aligned with Amy Winehouse’s walloping alto. But Davina takes “retro” back further than Winehouse and her Phil Spector reminiscing. She beckons an age when bad girls wore red lipstick and pin curls. Her music may be adorned with exceptional groaning trumpets, rat-a-tatting drum rolls, and staccato piano lines, but nothing deserves the complementing position to her voice. She’s in a league of her own.”
-Erin Roof – City Pages MPLS



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